Seattle’s heritage Craftsman homes are so easy to love!  We  actually feel more like ‘Home Stewards’ than a landlord.  We care for the homes like they are our own.  We value and honor the relationships with our tenants, contractors, vendors and maintenance persons.  We represent ethical and honest values in a friendly businesslike manner.

All of our homes are in great neighborhoods.  All were built by old world craftsmen. Each home has been updated with sensitivity and respect for the original details, yet have been enhanced for your lifestyle.  All have modern plumbing, electrical and natural gas heating systems.  All are super well insulated, use LED and CFL lighting most fixtures and have low flow plumbing fixtures to support green living and to manage utility costs.

These nice homes are frequently enjoyed for many years.  Tenants choose to renew their lease with us about 80% of the time.  Other times, life changes suggest a change in domicile, which makes leasing, versus owning, a smart choice.