Tenant Selection Criteria

Owner understands that not all potential applicants may meet the all of the listed criteria. Exceptions may, at owner’s sole discretion, be made. If an applicant has circumstances that prevent full conformance to the listed criteria, they should advise the owner early in the application process so you receive further consideration. Our desire, but not obligation, is to consider, on a case by case basis, all applicants.

1. Meet application requirements

  • Provided a copy of positive Government issued ID
  • Applicant on time for showing appointment
  • Fully completed the application (each person 18 years and older to reside at the property). 
  • Provided proof of adequate income which could include, but is not limited to any of the following: most recent paycheck stub; tax return copies for self-employed applicants; copies of deposit slips, investment earnings documents, Social Security earnings; any other other additional sources of income the applicant wishes to be considered.
  • Applicant(s) able to pay complete first month rent at lease signing and the applicable deposit plus last month rent as/when to be mutually determined.

2. Able/willing to meet the lease requirements, notably including:

  • Able to pay the necessary deposit at time of occupancy or per a mutually acceptable payment schedule.
  • Able to pay the entire first month rent at time of lease signing. Able to pay the required last month rent per a mutually acceptable payment schedule.
  • Accepts and agrees that each tenant is jointly and severally liable for the payment of the rent (and other lease terms).
  • Accepts and agrees to the no pets, no smoking and no waterbeds policies.
  • Agrees and understand that the fireplace can NOT be used.
  • Agrees and accepts that the lease language prohibits home-based businesses, and we won’t consider exceptions unless the business will not involve frequent deliveries or client visits to the house and unless the business is OK’d by our insurance agent and meets all local, state, and federal regulations (including local zoning/land use laws).
  • Accepts and agrees to all other lease terms.

3. Good rental history

  • At least 1 year of rental history (unless current residence is/was owned by applicants and mortgage payments are current or were current when residence sold)
  • No prior evictions on applicant(s) record
  • Good references from prior landlord(s)
  • A pattern of paying rent on time; no more than one incidence in any 12 month period of either a late payment or NSF check.
  • No more than 1 noise complaint in any 12 month period and in the event of a complaint, the tenants stopped the noise upon being notified
  • Caused no damage (other than minor damage that was inadvertent)
  • Fulfilled rental/lease agreement

4. Able to pay the rent

  • Adequate income from verifiable employment and/or other verifiable sources of income to pay rent, considering income/rent ratio and considering other debts. Each applicant must have sufficient verifiable income so that no more than 40% of income is used for rent payment.
  • Proof of income, which could include (depending on income source):
    • Verification from the employer and/or most recent paycheck stub.
    • Tax return copies for self-employed individuals.
    • Documentation of other income
  • No excessive debt which may impact the ability to pay rent. Each applicant must demonstrate sufficient income that no more than 50% of income is used for combined rent and debt payments.

5. Good credit history

  • Credit score of at least 720 from one of the three major credit reporting agencies
  • No pattern of delinquent payments of rent or debts
  • No bankruptcy within the last 5 years
  • Credit history free of negative credit issues which may indicate an applicant is high risk and/or indicates a pattern of payment delinquency

6. Other

  • Unverifiable social security number is grounds for denial
  • Falsified or incomplete rental application is grounds for denial

To complete their application each applicant authorizes us to procure a full credit report (credit history/score plus evictions + damages) and background check. We use the information obtained to evaluate whether or not the applicant meets the rental criteria. Comprehensive reusable (portable) tenant screening reports are not accepted. The screening is performed by various credit screening agencies. You will be provided the name and address of the company that screens your application.

Those who require additional time to submit a complete rental application because of the need to ensure meaningful access to the application or for a reasonable accommodation may make the request and the date of the request will serve as the date and time of receipt when the landlord is determining applications received in chronological order.

First set of applications for a tenancy that is complete, verifiable and meet the listed screening criteria for all applicants will be offered first opportunity to lease the property. Applicant(s) must all sign and complete the lease agreement and pay the required initial monies within 48 hours of being offered the opportunity to lease the property.